Pre Wedding photoshoot in Bangalore
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Pre Wedding photoshoot in Bangalore

 Pre Wedding photoshoot in Bangalore

A pre wedding shoot is the best time before you get all busy to capture those mushy pics with your fiancée. And if you are still considering/already decided on a shoot then here are a few aspects to consider. 

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Bangalore

Depending on the mood that you intend to capture, you can opt for an indoor (at your home, at a studio) or an outdoor shoot or a combination of both. 
An indoor shoot at your house will let you frame memories and make for a nice lifestyle shoot with elements that are personal to you. You can easily get in the extended family and older folks for a few pictures. Do inform your photographer of the lighting conditions within your house so that you can schedule the time of the shoot.  At a studio you can opt for more formal images.

Outdoor shoot locations around Bangalore are Nandi hills [you need to pay a fee] and Elements resorts. Shoots are not allowed in Cubbon park, Lal Bagh, and most resorts unless you explicitly seek permission. Elements resorts has quite a few props and backdrops if that is the kind of shoot that you would want to opt for. Better to plan for a weekday when the crowd is lesser, and you have the place to yourself.

Other than the above if you are willing to experiment then there are many non-descript spots, lakes along Kanakapura road, Mysore road areas which are outside the city and make for great shoot spots.

Inquire from your photographer on the terrain, location of changing rooms, eating facilities in the area and plan accordingly.

It finally depends on the look you want to achieve, be it modern, casual, retro etc.

Pre Wedding Couple Shoot
Pre Wedding Couple Shoot
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Pre Wedding Photoshoot Dresses

You are the best judge of the dress you would want to use, be it a full gown, casual dress,
Indian attires etc. Please communicate the intended look to your photographer in advance so that they can plan the shoot accordingly.

You can rent dresses online at sites or visit a fashion boutique shops.

Each dress change is a time-consuming process followed by matching your make up and accessories and hence plan your schedule accordingly. Accessories such as earrings, scarves, headbands, and jackets go a long way in stylizing your overall look.

Choose what suits your personality & carry it off with aplomb..


Props go a long way in enhancing the look of a photo if executed well. Most photographers would have a set of pre wedding props. We prefer focusing on your chemistry and hence include minimal props. Capturing more pictures of you as a couple with fewer props. Communicate well in advance to your photographer if you are interested in using certain props during your photoshoot.

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Get to Know your photographer

While choosing your photographer go through his past work and see if their style is in line to what you have in mind. Talk to your photographer prior to your photoshoot and agree on the mood of the shoot. If needed, plan out a mood board. Getting to know your photographer also ensures that you are comfortable with them and are confident that they are aware of the style of photographs that you are expecting.

Talk to them about how they handle rescheduling in case of any circumstances like health, weather etc.


Golden hour timings, early mornings and late evenings are the best time to do a pre-wedding photoshoot. We prefer a style of lighting where we utilize the softer light that is present in the mornings or the evenings.

Please ensure that you reach on the time decided between you and your photographer after completing any make up/hairdressing needed. Keep in mind the distance and traffic from your home to the photoshoot location.

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Couple Poses

Your photographer will know best on the Couple photoshoot poses and the pre wedding props.

If you are a couple that prefers minimal direction and would want only such memories then communicate to your shoot photographer and they can plan the photoshoot accordingly.

We suggest that you keep it natural and try to get the best results from our set of poses, be they individual, standing, sitting etc…

Things that are often missed out

1.       Carrying sufficient refreshments: energy bars, water bottles and snacks.

2.       Factoring in time for the make-up and dress change.

3.       Communication with the photographer on the mood board.

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