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Pre Wedding Photographers In Bangalore


Welcome to Vow Stories

We are candid wedding photographers based in Bangalore and available to travel across India to document your special day.

Whether you are here for a pre-wedding or candid wedding photography or both, we have you covered.

We love covering all types of weddings with all its traditions and cross cultural weddings with a even merrier set of rituals.

What excites us is the fun, the energy, those exchanged smiles when no one is watching, and the love that is present at every wedding. That is what we love portraying as candid wedding photographers.

We have covered weddings and couple stories in Bangalore, Pune, Goa, Chennai, Udupi and across India. Be it an arranged or a cross-cultural marriage, a pre-wedding or post-wedding shoot, each of these photo-stories are personal, special and will make you re-live your moments from your big day.

Thank you for considering us and check out our photography website to see more of our work.

If you like our art, then do give us a call.



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“Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow”


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” We capture your memories which are Young, Fresh & True to your Personalities”

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