Welcome To Vowstories

There is nothing that gives me more joy than just being around two people and more so two families in LOVE!!

My innate nature to seeing emotions and the ability to anticipate a moment is what framing a candid moment is all about.
Being myself, I will be quiet and unobtrusive most of the time, documenting your moments in the most candid manner. However when needed, I will direct if needed to facilitate the best frame!!

I am on a continuous journey of  learning and exploring light and the effect it has on the moods of the picture I am trying to convey.
Those happy moods, your pensive moments and anything in between I cover them all as a true documentation of your best day!!

Prior to being a full time photographer, I have an engineering and an MBA degree and a 10 year stint in the corporate world.

Long drives and conversations with my family and friends excite me. Any outdoor countryside gives me peace with all its rustic beauty, sounds and calmness gives me the time to rethink and reset my priorities.

I’m an introvert, who keeps to myself and my close ones. I’m usually found in jovial mood either planning out my next shoot, relaxing, watching animation movies, day dreaming even at night, cracking senseless pj’s that drive people around me nuts, editing or planning a getaway, all of the above in no particular order.

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